Photo Gallery – 6th stop – L’Espinas

In a remote part of the Cevennes, overlooking the mountains, the day and night of a full moon, Le Bazar Roulant team again unpacked its caravans, trucks and trailers to set up the 6th event on the tour.

Because of its remoteness, and the fresh evening air (read: 2 degrees), we weren’t sure what to expect. How many children would take part in the workshops? How many serves of nettle soup would we be able to take from the Soupe Populi dinner recital? For how many people would the musicians play?

The people of the district certainly did not disappoint. Braving the cold, they came in numbers and we work-shoped, enjoyed performances, exchanged at the free market, and danced our way into the night…

Thank you L’Espinas – it was fantastic!

Photos: Nadja Bülow, Matthias Laminski