At each stop on the tour, we have curated a program that includes local artists, performances, and concerts. Below are the artists who will be involved during Le Bazar Roulant. To see when they perform, visit the Programme.

Golden Parapluie

golden photoHétéroclite’n’roll with Petra Hakansson, Lovisa Elwerdotter, Clement Pasanau, Mathieu Jegourel and Renaud Gerin

Before they found themselves here, there were in Sweden or Marseilles, in the Cévennes or island-hopping. They don’t speak the same language, neither listen nor play the same music… but hey – why not?

Together, they have mountains of projects and their six voices, 12 ears, and 60 fingers hardly suffice to realise them all.

This is not, however, an abject struggle: The Golden Umbrella is two singers, a chorus, a bassist, two accordionists, two guitarists, a lumberjack, a drummer and a sondier who spice all their samples and plays the role of diplomat, so that everyone gets along to savour the sound of this audio-cuisine.

In English, Swedish or French, following the mood of ragmunk, swunk jazouk or hardccordéon… it’s the grand tunes of heteroclite’n’roll.

Madame Arthur

Madame Arthur French songs from a bygone era with Emilie and Manelle Boulze and Christian Rizo

A machine to travel back in time; one voice, one guitar, a clarinet; the French songs of the pre-war era come back to life.


CamEdu Itinerante

DSCF8870DSCF8870 rogne bis

Latino with Camille and Edouardo

A traditional music duo breathing life into folk music from the Caribbean. A musical and dance performance which tells the tale of the origin of their songs. Cubano, salsa, cumbia, vallenato and currulao rhythms infuse their music.


Elena Glamurat

Elena GlamuraChansons françaises

Throw the anchor, whether it’s vague… Poetry about language, a guitar accompaniment, here declaimed on through the threads of its strings, the praise of an era which saturates … The writing is modelled as a musical space of its own. Swing waltz, rhythmic cadence , a hint of gypsy tinged with syncopes, styles mix and stretch, at the mercy of the verse.


Chômeuse go on

Chomeuse go on Old French songs with a new breath of life, with Clara Feferberg

Chômeuse Go On makes French music swing. Of Brassens à Mano Solo and Barbara aux Bérus, she executes petulant remakes of old classics, interperated with the conviction of the long-time unemployed. Of blood, sweat and charm, unemployment is not dead, the show must go on !


Lucien la Movaiz’ Graine

lucien le bon French cabaret with Julien Malherbe, alias “Lucien”: vocals, guitar, accordeon; Michel Fanlou: double bass, bass, backup vocals; Julien Tréfel: multi-percussion, backup vocals

Lucien la Movaiz Graine, “mauvaise” – a play on the French word meaning ‘bad’… the trio will leave you feeling differently…

At first, it’s undeniable, he has an unenthused air about him… but don’t panic! Even if the road is home to pitfalls, the ‘movaiz’ seed will transform into a blossoming flower before your very eyes. Lucien will take you on a modern journey that takes place between bitumen and a distant horizon. His voice conveys with sincerity his states of being, unified in a delicate blend of vocals and acoustics.

In a few words, Lucien is a human being like you. He could capsize to tears of laughter with the passing of a single wave.

Performance concert: from 12 to 120 years / 90 minutes &

Les Magiciens du Quotidien

les magiciens du quotidien - copie French Yuku Rock’a'Baby with Alice Coste, Lucas Prud’homme and Benoît Andru

Les Magiciens du Quotidien present an explosive cocktail of outspokenness, energetic humour, life experiences…

The tone is set from the very first notes: mischievous, explosive, poetic and festive, a flamboyant voice gives the lyrics spark, and offset on a musical pallate that will not fail to surprise…

Their contagious positivity and their inexhaustable energy on stage catapaults us into a hullabaloo of emotions leading to an orgasmic trance. You will emerge with a smile glued to your face and a single phrase in mind: Life Is Now!


cha with Madame Oiselle

Come and meet her CuiCuis of her chariot… the universe of needles, buttons, gadgets and gizmos of a caravan-esque workshop… Get close, Look, and CuiCuit along!


Soup populiDinner recital by Le Cercle des Mangeurs with Amandine Chancel et Fabien Juge

A barrel organ that distills poetic and unexpected melodies, manipulated into songs by a puppeteer who swapped a bear hide for an enormous vat of soup…

Soup’Populi draws into the epic era that we’re cooking up… a Portuguese nursery rhyme, a Chinese waltz, a forum of families, a ballad at the supermarket, a hundred invitations to lose our ourselves and our (suddenly suspicious) bearings…

The music is the protagonist of story; it is the story of the music of the street and the story of proverbial song sheets held by singing passers-by and people in the soup kitchen.

The music is freely interpreted on the barrel organ, tambourine, trumpet, a creation of songs that offer an amusing perspective of the woes and tribulations of diners.

Association Cabas Garnis.


jacadi By la cie Gueules d’amour. Dance-duo and percussion performance with a shopping trolley produced and performed by Maud Charrel and Émeric Priolon

An individual walks on stage with a supermarket trolley. Inside, a creature. It draws life from the sounds of the trolley, turned musical instrument. A tribal dance ensues, obedient to percussion beats, until an explosion of power relations between the two characters. Between confrontation and complicity, will they manage to find a common language? JACADI is a methophorical and ironic tale which explores the evolution of power relations between two people.


les entarter by la TURBUL, with Gabriel Aguiar, Adrien Le Mée and Ronan Rioualen

Come on stage and play with cream pies. The symbol is immediate and the pleasure of the game releases tension to give rise to the inevitable question: “Who for?” ; a playground for three very mischievous clowns.


TOUT CECI PEUT-ETRE POUR RIEN by Groupe Zéro produced and performed by David Bougnot

An evolved performer in an uncertain environment, a place of infinite possibilities, imagining precarious structures made from simple plywood boards. As the course progresses, diverse objects appear, nourishing his universe in quest of fragility, of sternness, a tenseness that invites the audience to live a moment that is intense, poetic, funny and absurd.



duo a trois By Le (doux) supplice de la planche. Produced and performed by Pierre-Jean Breaud, Olivier Trapon and Jean Reibel

Pour one carrier, one acrobat, a third man and one balancing board. Thrill-givers, purveyors of beauty, laughs and dreams, a simple act that we will try to perform patiently. A rocking, duo and acrobatic moves will have the audience, and the protagonists, on the edge of their seat… Through their technical prowess, their relationship is unveiled.


instant K Par la cie Daraomai. By Jean-Yves Pénafiel with Agnès Fustagueras i Puig, David Soubies and Greg Feurté.

Three corporates explain, in their own way and style, the limits of the human soul. An acrobatic voyage where movement is imposed like an authentic example of expression: Acrobatics and a Chinese mast combine to punctuate the intimate and poetic universe of Instant K.