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Le Bazar Roulant will see 40-odd volunteers from France and Germany touring France’s Cévennes region to host:

  • Le Bazar Roulant Flyerupcycling DIY workshops,
  • artistic and musical performances,
  • short film screenings in public spaces that treat the subjects ‘rebirth’ and ‘renewal’,
  • the construction of a GIVEBOX, to be installed in a local primary school.

From the 1st to the 17th of May 2014, L’atelier T.O.U.P.I.E (the studio for the transformation of used objects and production of ecological ideas) La Fée Nadou (artists’ residency in the Cévennes region, France) and Moviemiento (a Berlin-based organisation touring films on the road) present Le Bazar Roulant: an interdisciplinary arts and culture project that centres around the themes of reuse and recycling.

The project will aim to advocate a new way of consumption, and to bring the issue of ‘waste’ – a topic that is gaining importance in our modern consumer society – to the forefront by promoting recycling and upcycling of old objects and materials.

The Givebox, the pillar of the cultural tour, will serve to change our collective thinking from ‘trash’ to ‘treasure’, and to give new life to the items through reuse or upcycling. All items will be freely given and freely taken by anyone in the community. The building of the box and the celebration of its realization will be used as educational tools for the community about the topics of waste reduction. Read more about the Givebox.

Similarly, Le Bazar Roulant film programme will explore the concept of Rebirth and Renewal, and will include more poetic films broaching the topic – think Phoenix Rising – with films with more pragmatic messaging towards the concepts of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, designed to spur more interest in the concepts behind the project.

All will be done in the spirit of open exchange and gratuity, so it is free for everyone to participate.

Check out the huge programme including workshops, concerts, film screenings…