What is a GIVEBOX?

  • A concept that emerged from Berlin
  • Made with recycled materials
  • A public swaping space which invites people to donate items they no longer need or want, and/or take a pre-loved object they need.
  • A stable and unconventional construction whose size and shape may vary, depending on the location and demand of the Givebox.

givebox2-copieAn oft-covered topic in the press, “waste”, and its effective management, is increasingly becoming the target of awareness campaigns by individuals and public institutions alike. In the modern consumer world, we are producing more needless waste than ever before, and it is having a hugely detrimental impact on our environment.

The aim of the Le Bazar Roulant, and the three associations involved, is to communicate and encourage – through demonstration and practical application – a new way of consuming. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, recycling and upcycling can also afford the opportunity for many to express their creativity, give new life to old objects, and share knowledge and objects amongst their communities.

The project was initiated with the aim of constructing and promoting several Giveboxes, to be installed in public and private spaces that ‘l’atelier T.O.U.P.I.E’ has identified, in and around the region.