We will be busy when we are on tour, and so may take a while to respond to your emails. If you would like to join the project or have questions about the program, please call +34 (0) 6 59 02 55 54. If you would like an interview in English or German for the press, please email anna_c(at)moviemiento(dot)org.

To contact L’Atelier TOUPIE and get involved with their projects, please email ateliertoupie(at)gmail(dot)com or phone +34 (0)

To contact La Fée Nadou to enquire about artist residencies, please visit the contact form on their website and write an email:

To contact Moviemiento to ask about getting involved or proposing a partnership, please email: contact(at)moviemiento(dot)org or call +49 (0)30-44702412.