Le Bazar Roulant : Le documentaire complet

Le Bazar Roulant - Day one in Ales

WATCH: Moviemiento has put together a 5 and a half minute documentary featuring the people, places, performances and partners we worked with to create the travelling festival, ‘Le Bazar Roulant’.

Video by Nadja Bülow and Christian Söder

BazarRoulant SHORT from Moviemiento on Vimeo.

The project was made possible by the help of the Robert Bosch Foundation, and was the second if its kind between the French and German associations. Over three weeks, it saw around 50 volunteers in total come together to create a cultural programme that toured out-of-the-way places in the Cevennes region; free performances, film screenings, workshops, and of course the concept of the Give Box, were all part of the project. Most importantly, we spread the messages of upcycling and waste reduction where we went, as well as promoting community interaction and exchange in each of the six towns we visited.

We had an amazing time and felt privileged to be able to bring people together in an open and cultural format.

Please share our message, so that we may have another opportunity to take a travelling festival to new and exciting regions.

Thank you all for your support,

Le Bazar Roulant Team.

Gallerie de photos – La Grand-Combe

Photos: Matthias Laminski

Gallerie de photos – La Grand-Combe

Photos: Matthias Laminski & Elena Frense

L`Equipe du Bazar Roulant

Photos: Nadja Bülow